Sunday, August 22, 2010

Baby "C"

Baby "C" cute as a button!!

Kim's Bridals

My best friend is getting married soon and I can't even tell you how excited we are to see her so happy! I traveled to Boise so we could take some pictures with the "dress". She was absolutely stunning! We went to the Boise Depot just to check it out and it was beautiful there! The last couple of pictures are when I made her put her softball gear...she wasn't to sure about it. I had to do it though because she met her future husband on a softball field and I thought how perfect!! If you knew her you would know how perfect it is!!!

I couldn't just pick a couple...

...a few more!!

"E" Senior Pictures

I cannot say enough about how sweet this young lady is...She was so good to let me just play and take lots of pictures and they all turned out wonderful! She really did not take a bad pic.

"E" senior pictures

I just couldn't choose she had so many cute pictures that I had to show more then the norm!!


A couple of many pictures I took at Dawson's T-ball games...and the aftermath of a T-ball game (last picture)!!